Nice to meet you!

It all started with a question: “How can we help people around us to stop wasting their time and minds manually transcribing audio/video into text.”

We worked very hard and we found a MAGICAL sauce that makes our platform super easy to use, affordable and … SUPER accurate.

Who we are?

A team of passionate people who create useful things, solve complex problems and help humans through technology. A mix of engineers, marketers from France, Belgium and Italy, joining forces to make the impossible possible.

Our team members are
Award winners. Public speakers and multi-time founders.

Join our challenges.

Scribbbe is a gamified startup with two squads: the “Development Squad” and the “Hunters Squad”. We want to maintain a happy culture, facing a common challenge: “to build the most accurate transcription platform”.

In a squad, we organize our work into missions. We emphasize the trust and freedom of employees to achieve the group’s vision. It is very important that at the end of one of them you feel proud of yourself.

Contact us at: [email protected]